Grenspark De Zoom - Kalmthoutse Heide

Start LIFE

On September 22nd, the start of the Life project was celebrated. The mayors of Woensdrecht and Kalmthout, both partners in the project, have cut the first sods of the dune.

Administrators of Essen, Kalmthout and Woensdrecht, members of the provincial states and members of the European Parliament were invited to celebrate the start of the Life project. After a short, but clearly positive message pronounced by Veerle Mees of the Agency for Nature and Woods, and Marten Wiersma, coordinator of the border park, there was a walk from campsite ĎHazeduinení to the project site. The participants were awaited by Wilton de Dooij of Nature Monuments. In the field, the projectís significance was made clear: reconnecting nature reserves. Restoring heath and open sand, giving species a chance to migrate from Flanders to the Netherlands and vice versa. The pools have to be cleared out to create more opportunities for the typical fauna and flora. Then the woods have to be cleared of exotic species as to reform them to mixed woods with mainly broad-leaved trees next to coniferous trees. Of course all this canít take place in just one year. Over the course of 5 years, the project area will gradually change.
Then the mayors of Kalmthout and Woensdrecht gave a practical demonstration: they had to cut sods of a piece of grassy moorland.
The Dutch-Flemish border was even repositioned temporarily to reinforce this symbolic deed. But before they were handed axes, they were professionally advised by forester Wilton de Dooij. On the way back, a number of councillors revealed information signs, because communication too is important in this project. On three spots near the project, information signs were placed. Shortly, another sign will be put up, one that illustrates the progress of the works.

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