Grenspark De Zoom - Kalmthoutse Heide

Open sand

More open sand…

When you walk into the area with an elderly person and you inform on how it used to be, he will surely tell you that the open area used to be much larger than it is now. “From the Kambuusduinen onwards, you could see all surrounding church towers: Essen-Hoek, Kalmthout, Ossendrecht, Huijbergen, Putte,… You’d be walking through sand for hours and that wasn’t always as much fun, certainly when there was a heavy wind, because you’d feel the grains of sand blowing against your cheeks…”

For years, there has been a struggle against drifting sand. And now, in 2006, we want more open sand. Why?
Research shows us that quite a number of rare species and plants can only be found here. They exist here because of the extremes: in summer temperatures may rise up to 50°C, because sand heats up very quickly, and in winter it is the opposite because it cools down quickly. Only the animals adapted to these extremes can survive here. Without the sand, the park would have a lot less species. Part of the research was carried out on ground beetles, and shows that the border park has an enormous responsibility in terms of preservation of a number of Red List species.

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