Grenspark De Zoom - Kalmthoutse Heide


In the middle of the project area lays a pool named Kriekelaarsven. Part Flemish, part Dutch, this pool emphasises the importance of cross border cooperation. Without regard to borders, this pool will regain its former glory.

It is completely hidden in pines, and its borders are taken over by purple moor grass: that is the condition of the pool in 2006. An inventory of plants confirms this: only a few plants that are typical for these pools such as cotton grass and white and brown beak sedge have been found. The remainder of the banks are taken over by purple moor grass that dominates everything else. Not only for the vegetation, but also for amphibians such as the moor frog, action is needed. Around the pool, the woods will be dealt with. And just as on the heath, the rich mineral top layer with lots of purple moor grass will be dug off. The pool banks will be cleaned. That way, we hope to get the seeds that have been present for years on top and germinating again. Species such as bell heather, beak sedge, sundew and march gentian will get more opportunities. And maybe we can recover species that have been long gone on Flemish side such as shore weed.

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